10 Decadent Food To Celebrate Pohela Boishakh, The Bengali New Year Day – পহেলা বৈশাখের খাবার ও রেসিপি


The Bengali New Year or Noboborsho(নববর্ষ) is celebrated on April 14 each year.  As we near the Bengali New Year eve, many many Bengalis around the world will be planning and preparing a delicious feast to share with family and friends.  To help make your New Year’s Day brighter and more delicious, here I am with this wonderful roundup of traditional Bengali dishes.  I hope you enjoy the delicious special meals on Noboborsho. If you don’t find a Pohela Boishakh recipe you are looking for, make sure to look at all the other traditional Bengali recipes here. You will also find authentic, traditional dessert inspiration for the Bengali New Year by clicking here.

Wishing all my Bengali and non-Bengali friends advanced Shuvo Nobo Borsho (Happy Bengali New Year).

Panta Bhat and Fried Ilish

Traditionally, panta, leftover rice soaked in water and Ilish bhaaja a.k.a fried Hilsha with different kinds of bhorta is the food of choice to mark the Noboborsho festivities in Bangladesh.  A hint of salt, lime and chili and most Bengalis will start salivating over this rice.

Panta Bhaat, Ilish bhaaja

Assortments of Bangladeshi Bhorta

Bhortas, the ultimate comfort food of Bangladesh is a must with panta bhaat.  Bhortas are delicious, smooth, fiery and flavorful mashed goodies made with variety of vegetables, dried fish mixed with mustard oil, onion, garlic and red chili.  Aloo(potato) bhorta and shutki(dried fish) bhorta is a must to accompany Nobo Borsho meal.  Dal bhorta, eggplant bhorta along with broccoli, zucchini, etc. are great options too.  The more bhortas there is, the merrier the meal is.

Bangladeshi Bhorta

Beef Rezala

Another gem to try with pants is Beef Rezala.  It is best to reduce the gravy amount a bit from the Rezala to pair with Panta.

Meat Rezala

Muri Ghonto

A quintessential Bengali Fish head curry.

Muri Ghonto | With A Spin

Photo Source: Rimli, Scratching Canvas

Whole Tilapia

No Bengali celebration is complete without an exquisite fish fare.  The beauty of this whole fish is that you can cook it entirely on the stovetop or on the oven.  If you are in a time crunch and need to attend to other tasks around the house, just cook the fish in the oven, else on the stovetop.  Common but simple Bengali spices that are used to cook everyday fish, infuse this whole Tilapia.

Both versions are tried, tested and tastes delicious.

Whole Tilapia Two ways

Dhokar Dalna

A dish made of Chana Dal koftas or yellow split pea cakes soaked in delicious Bengali style curry.  A masterpiece of Bengali Cuisine.

Dhokar Dalna | With A Spin

Photo Source: Anshu, My Mom’s Recipes


These sinful deep-fried unleavened bread are most commonly served at breakfast.  A Bengali New Year Breakfast cannot be complete without these special puffed bread.

Luchi | With A Spin

Source: Soma, eCurry

Alur Dum

Now that poori is on the breakfast menu, alur dum is a must to accompany the puffed bread.

Aloor dum | With A Spin

Photo Source: Chinmayie, Love Food Eat

Lobongo Lotika
Lobongo Lotika, a traditional Bengali stuffed sweet small parcel which is secured by a lobongo or cloves and hugged by thick sugar syrup. Lobongo (clove) is the star ingredient here as it keeps the parcel in place.

Lobongo lotika | With A Spin

Photo Source: Deepa, Hamaree Rasoi

Dudh Puli

The crescent-shaped dumplings filled with coconut stuffing are steamed in cardamom and cinnamon infused the milk.  The filling gives a fabulous texture to the soft rice skin with luscious milk sauce.  Scrumptious!!

Dudh Puli Pitha

I hope all of you, my Bengali friends, take some time to celebrate the day no matter where you are.  Wishing you all a happy preparation for Nobo Borsho.


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