Driven By Passion

Our dishes are made with love and understanding of a healthy life


We're a team of food aficionados

We are very small team from Bangladesh who love foods. Our love for the foods make us to work extra for this platform. Beside regular Desk job, we all put our heart & soul to make this Passion come true. Besides make some pocket money & feel the stomach of so many Bangladeshi here with Deshi Foods. That give us the real Energy to move forward. 

Our team always buy Fresh Groceries & bring Deshi spices back from Bangladesh. Here we come with the origin taste of our dishes. 

Every meal we make with so much love & care what make us unique in this Food Industry. 



Sabikun Naher


Our team Heart. She is one of our Co-Founder & Head Chef. Whose plan bring us in the Food Industry & giving all of us to taste all the great dishes.



Iqbal Hossain


I just join this team to taste food only.


Khan Shohan

Marketing Team

This guy just enriched our team with his passion for work!


Naturally Delicious

Our foods are naturally delicious. We use to follow Bangladeshi origin recipe that get the furnish with modern cooking style & spices. Which make our food more tasty & healthy.

Simple, Tasty Recipes

There is nothing to add something when it comes to Authentic Bangladeshi Foods. Yes! WE started our journey to highlight our very own Bangladeshi Foods only in Malaysia which are mouth watering & taste good.

Eating Healthy Is Easy

Our Foods are Healthy. We always choose the Best Ingredients & Fresh Food for our Kitchen.



Food made with love & passion

We love to continue our Bangladeshi Food Legacy.

In our Country Food is a love & passion to all. The recipe & cooking style is passing from one generation to other generation.

Our Love towards the foods made us more curious about the food processing & to invent something new with our own traditional way. Our love become a new Fusion & Recipe of very own Bangladeshi Foods.

Not Your Average Cooks

Our chefs come from top restaurant kitchens. They bring mad skills, tons of passion, and expertise in a delicious array of cuisines. They insist, as we do, on using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Chef  Sabikun Naher

Speciality in Bangladesi, Indian & Asian Foods.

Dear Customer, kindly notes we are pre-order base, Home Cook. You have to confirm the order at least 1-3 days earlier via Website/WhatsApp. Thank You.

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