Terms & Conditions

Confirmation of your booking

Order-In will send you an order confirmation by email with a 4-digit order reference number. An email from Order-In confirming acceptance of your order represents confirmation of your order, unless the email states that it is a quote. If no email confirmation is received, the order is NOT accepted.

The order will be delivered and prepared as per the details in this order confirmation email. Please note that your order will arrive within a window of your requested delivery time. It is the customer’s responsibility to review the details of your order and notify Order-In of any omissions or corrections. The order confirmation is not an invoice for your order.  Please refer to the invoicing item below for more information on the process.

Calendar reminder

Order-In will attach a calendar reminder with each order confirmation email. This is a useful scheduling tool.

Changes to your order

You are welcome to make changes to your order. However, changes made within 72 hours prior to delivery may not be accepted.

Order-In will do its best to facilitate changes made with short notice, however, charges may be incurred. In the event a supplier cannot fulfil your order or part of your order, with your permission or notification, Order-In will transfer the order to another supplier, or substitute unavailable menu items. Once notified or approved, the customer will be liable for full payment of the adjusted or transferred order. When a change is requested on your order, Order-In will resend you your order confirmation reflecting the change and indicating the order is updated.  More than 3 changes to an order may incur additional fees.

Order cancellation

All cancellations are required in writing or submitted through Order-In’s online platform.

  • For orders less than RM 500, Order-In will accept cancellation up to 48 hours prior to the delivery date requested for that order.
  • Orders greater than RM 500 require a minimum 72 hours’ notice. Orders under our Functions and Events department require a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for cancellations to be accepted.
  • Orders cancelled after the above times may incur charges based on expenses incurred by Order-In or the supplier. Order-In will do its best to minimise these charges for you.

Changes and cancellation of standing orders

Changes or cancellations to your standing orders must be made before 12pm the business day prior to delivery, and more time may be required for orders outside of city. All cancellations are required in writing or submitted through Order-In’s online platform.

Food allergies

Please be advised that Order-In’s suppliers will do their best to ensure your catering does not contain any of the items to which your guest is allergic.

Please be advised however that Bengal’s Aroma cannot guarantee your order may not contain traces of the substances to which your guest is allergic. 

Order-In and its suppliers will not take responsibility for any illness caused through consumption of catering containing traces of these substances or food groups. We recommend the severely allergic guests supply their own food from a reliable source that can guarantee no cross contamination.


Pricing information

Our all products prices are without GST & we don’t collect any GST from customers.


Order-In will issue an invoice after the order has been delivered. The invoice will reflect the items and prices outlined within the confirmation email.  Invoices are issued by email based on the agreed payment type and invoicing frequency terms. Please refer to payment items below for more information.

Adjustments to your order post-delivery

In the event an order is missing any items, please notify Order-In within 24 hours of the delivery and we will adjust your invoice. We cannot guarantee an invoice will be adjusted if we are notified of an omission more than 72 hours after delivery.

Payment options

Customer payments shall be effected by banking, electronic funds transfer (EFT). The customer’s business account will be credited from the date a payment is received by Bengal’s Aroma.

Note: A deposit may be required on certain party or events. Invoices are sent to your email address unless otherwise requested.

Credit card payment

Currently we don’t accept any credit card payment.

Payment terms

All the online orders payments must be cleared after the order is placed. The order will auto cancel due to payment failure after 48 hrs.



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